LYRICS: 3D x Ledge - Off That B.S

{Intro}- 3D
Yo, you know its 3D in the building I got my niggas with me
Ledge, stunna, push you know how we do it you know ai,its justice league in this bitch
Shout out to Fabzz shout out to malik shout out to nnamdi you know we shutting this shit down

(Ledge) - I finna take out my dick and stay on top of your girl for real I'm ill (I'm ill )

Verse 1 - 3D
Okay, same kid of the block
Sweater on your pants like tees on your top
With lyrics like 2pac
The mic I do rock in between your legs is like the sides of two rocks
So what's life gon be
I'm feeling like pac all eyes on me
Kinda living like the green that grows on trees with that dope boy swag
Yeah I got on black tees and um
I know you bitches gon feel me
And if not you guaranteed to kill me
Cos why you niggas fake
You know I'm still me
And when they dropping the songs you know they steal free
Your girl ready to move you know I'm still around
sending em shots, you know they peel round?
now go head tell your fate the reason you cant blow is cause you jock your own mate

Ledge - Verse 2
Mayn, im real high i stay on-top of the world
Im finna take out my dick and stay on-top of your girl
Fo' real, im ill
Big bling make me look silly
A girl from philly
Pull out my dick and suck my willy
She don't forget me
Waist slim like spaghetti,
She's just sixteen but she's had sex already
Her favourite colour, cause she blew in a blue Chevy
And my nuts sag, cause you know i ball too heavy
Im killing these niggas songs are a hit-man
You're sipping your young shit im a big man
You're pussy, you're getting yourself laid hommie
Better look your time before you get "late" hommie
Dawg, im just saying tho, why you diss at me?
Oh, cause you aint shit, you prolly pissed at me?
*PRRR* poppin' bottles of bub
We don rolled in, what the fuck you doing out of the club?