LYRICS: Ajebutter22 - Omo Pastor Ft BojDrb

{Intro} - Ajebutter and Boj 
*Drum noises*
boj on the microphone,(awon mummy) omo pastor
i need that magic

Verse 1 - Ajebutter22
It's 11pm je ka sneak out
open fridge and i drink daddy big stout
mo ti ri fine girl mo kan reach out
and I'm NTA mo kan speak out
ma lo 3 stacks na me bad pass

I be Big boy,
mi se outcast
se O fe jade O fe party
abi ko duru si le I'm just asking
O ti se good girl omo pastor
O ku de iwo' n loma bad gan-an
mi O de ri eh ni shurch la na
you bring fire to my wood
O fe da no
O wo mini skirt,oon lo tura
to ba dola, o ma bora
O mu baileys ati vodka
but ninu church o ma ma gbadura

{ Hook }- Boj
oya wa lepa to dun o de shai good girl omo pastor
o ku dia iwon lan loma bad gan-an
mi o de ri yen ninu church lan-an
she wants me to buy her rozay
she said that she's feeling naughty
I said that I really not sure
I swear that I've seen you before
haa omo pastor
shay you wanna put me for trouble omo pastor
shay you wanna finish my shayo omo pastor
(there's no way that i...... ) Omo pastor
There's no way (she can't do me)
there's no way (she can't fool me)
na na I've seen your type before
you're the type that keeps coming back for more

Verse 2 - Ajebutter 22 
oya 2face is the hardest
I no go lie her beauty na asset
and it's hard for her to be honest
so she double sided like a cassette
O wa lowkey, think she get sense
to ba daro she's innocent
O wan lo school
O de gba first
her eye service hmm e pass racket
o de mu four(4) bottles in one sitting
after choir practice ati prayer meeting
and her friend asked her what the hell she thinking
and she answer you don't know what you're missing
hmm, when we go club
O wan lo le , after the link up
change pj's , enough make up
and she's in bed before daddy wake up


(i need that magic)
Omo pastor she don't listen
omo pastor, shes a vixen
omo pastor to fe deacon
omo pastor finger licking
(omo pastor, ko kin bora-an
omo pastor e ba soro ) x 2


Omo pastor !